Want Cheese Curds with That?

Many of our guests have asked for recommendations on where to eat while they're visiting Cabin On Blake or Cabin On Blake Too in the Balsam Lake area. Our first choice is to B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Food!) Our time at the lake is so precious to us that by the time we've cleared our calendars enough to get a few days away, we don't want to have to leave! We'll grill, use the slow cooker or toss a pre-prepped meal in the oven... we don't want to spend extra time in the kitchen when we could be out on the water or relaxing with the gorgeous views.

But... from time to time we do like to get out for a bit. Here, in no particular order, are a few of our favorite places to dine out while we're spending time at the cabins...

The Thirsty Otter

How can you go wrong with a place called The Thirsty Otter? They've got a full menu serving daily specials that will fill you up and not let you down. With a calendar full of fun events and live entertainment, there's always something going on at The Otter. Situated on the shores of Balsam Lake, you can dine on the deck or claim a table inside. Make sure you stop in for breakfast... the Bloody Marys are like a meal all by themselves! 

The Drive-In in Taylors Falls

Ask our girls where they want to eat out and odds are they'll always ask to go to The Drive-In in Taylors Falls. It's only about twenty minutes away and the homemade root beer is more than worth the drive! You'll feel like you've time traveled back to the 1950s with car hops, poodle skirts and an ample menu of fountain drinks. You can even work off your lunch with a round of mini golf, right there on site. They're only open seasonally so make sure you check their website or Facebook page before you head over.

Indianhead Supper Club

If you're traveling without kids or have the chance to leave the children behind for the evening, treat yourselves to a night out at the Indianhead Supper Club. With much of the original decor still in place, the club is rich in history and the entrees are always delicious. They're only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and last time we checked they offered some awesome specials on Thursday nights like All-You-Can-Eat Ribs or a Walleye Dinner. The club sits on the edge of Balsam Lake, a short drive from the cabins.

Now that we've made some recommendations, hopefully you'll get a chance to try one of our favorite places to eat out. We still have lots of exploring to do around the area and are always up for trying someplace new, so let us know if you come across another great place to add to our list!