Lovin' the Summer Cabin!

It's almost here! Summer is breathing down our necks. The promise of lazy, sunshine-filled days lies just ahead. In a few short weeks the lake will be buzzing with the sound of pontoons and ski boats. Fish will be biting, birds will be singing, and we'll be in the middle of it all because we absolutely LOVE spending as much time as we can at the cabins during the summer.

Just for fun, we came up with a list of some of our favorite summer things:


On the deck. On the dock. On the boat. Basically, sitting anywhere because that means we're in "relax" mode.

Up North

Being "Up North," the air smells fresher, the trees seem taller, the sky seems bluer.

Making Memories...

with our friends and family. This time we get to spend with our loved ones is precious. Carving out a weekend or a week at the lake is sacred to us.

Milky Way

Some of our guests have told us they never realized the sky held so many stars until they caught a glimpse of the night sky at the cabins!


We have four pairs of eagles that nest on Big Blake Lake. We never get tired of watching them catch their breakfast right from the dock.


Spending time at the cabin to rest and relax recharges and restores us.

Cooking Out

Grill on the deck or patio and eat out in nature's dining room. The view is better than the one from your kitchen at home... we promise!

All the Activities

Boat, kayak, swim, fish, hike, bike... the list goes on and on. The kids can't be bored, we're not buying it, not at the lake with so many things to do.


Our treat after a fun-filled day on the water.

Ice Cream

We drive into town to BLICS for a Blixer or Banana Split. Or make our own with one of those handy dandy ice cream ball contraptions. Keeps the kids busy AND we all get a treat.


Breathe in and out. Let the scent of fresh pine calm the nerves that have been frazzled by the day job. Walk barefoot through the grass. Go jump in the lake. You deserve it!