Getting Around On Big Blake Lake

It seems like as we enter each new season it becomes our favorite time of year at the cabin. We love the leaves changing in the fall, the way the snow transforms the landscape in winter, and the new life of spring. But there’s something special about summer. It’s when we get the chance to get out on the water and really enjoy the lake. The dock is in, the ice is out, the water’s (ahem, relatively) warm.

With prime fishing and a straightaway that’s perfect for towing a tube or skier, Big Blake Lake is home to many different types of watercraft.

We see all kinds of smaller boats. From canoes to kayaks, they glide through the water, taking time to enjoy the scenery and get a glimpse of local wildlife. They go slow enough to be able to watch the loons bob up and down in the water, or the turtles sunning themselves on the rocks. We’ve spent many enjoyable afternoons in the kayaks or pedaling around the lake in the paddleboat. Sometimes going slow allows us to experience the most of what the lake has to offer.


The fish bite best around dawn and dusk and that’s when we see the aluminum fishing boats and bass boats floating around on the water. Anchors dropped, lines cast, the fishermen sit as still as statues, until a tug on the line spurs them into action. From rowboats to high-end deck boats, if it floats, they’ll be fishing from it.

Pontoon boats take the party out on the water. Sometimes they putter around the edges of the lake, giving everyone a chance to wave at their neighbors. Other times they’re a floating swim platform streaming music across the open water of the lake into all hours of the night. Fast enough to get the wind blowing through your hair, they’re still slow enough to take a scenic turn or two around the lake.

The ski boats flash by, towing tubes full of bouncing kids or a talented slalom skier or two. They leave a wake that sends waves splashing against the dock or rolling onto the sandy shore.

Seeing the seaplane floating on the lake is a treat. When the engine cranks over we head for the deck so we can watch it take off. Then we keep our ears tuned for the sound of the motor waiting for it to circle the lake before it lines up, coming in for a graceful landing.

So many ways to get out on the water and enjoy the lake. We can’t say which one is our favorite because we love them all! How about you?