cabins on blake

Our Most Popular Team Member... Blakey the Moose

We wanted to introduce you to the most popular member of the Up North Cabin Rentals team… Blakey the Moose!

He’s in charge of hospitality, making sure our guests feel welcome, keeping everyone warm during a cold winter stay, or giving the kids someone to snuggle while they watch a movie on one of our big TVs. He knows his way around the lake and loves to go for walks in the woods around the cabins. If you let him have a little bit of popcorn or a sip of hot cocoa he’ll be your friend forever and might even bring you breakfast in bed.

 His favorite thing to do up at the cabin is to sit on the deck and listen to the wind blow through the trees or relax on the dock and see what the catch of the day might be. He's also been known to hunker down with a good book and keep an eye on the lake from the huge window in Cabin on Blake Too.

Or take a ride on a visiting pooch. But often times that doesn't go as planned and he can end up covered in slobber. If you happen to catch a picture of him, tag us at #UpNorthCabinRentals or #BlakeyTheMoose.

Blakey hasn't always been a fixture on Big Blake Lake. In fact, there aren't very many moose in the entire state of Wisconsin. Experts estimate the population of all moose in the state to be less than 50. But every once in a while we'll find out about a moose who's probably wandered over from Michigan or Minnesota. Or maybe even all the way from Canada. We hear those northern moose like our Wisconsin summers.

As for Blakey, he's staying put, right here on Big Blake Lake. And he's hoping you'll come visit real soon!

Spend Time Making Memories.

Cabins on Blake is a place where memories are made! 

Cabins on Blake featured on Travel Wisconsin- "5 Wisconsin cabin rentals close to the Twin Cities"


We are so excited, humbled, and genuinely surprised to find this article on the Travel Wisconsin website, where Cabin on Blake and Cabin on Blake “Too” were featured. The article featured cabins they suggested to visit near the Twin Cities!

What an honor! All we have ever wanted in this mission called the “Cabins on Blake”, is to be able to share this little slice of paradise with others. So that others can find peace, fun, and perhaps quality family time that they are looking for. Hearing from families and guests on a weekly basis about how much they loved their time is the most amazing gift. We feel so blessed to be able to share this.

Thank you, to our guests, our families and everyone that has supported us through this adventure! 
We are blessed beyond words!

- The Pannkuks

I Live for Autumn

Hoodies, bonfires, the sounds of leaves crunching, the smell of the air...

I live for Autumn. 

Although this time of year is a little bitter sweet at the Cabins on Blake, it is absolutely my favorite. It is time to remove the docks from the water, put the summer fun away and get ready for a transformation of landscape. Here are a few pictures that we have captured over the past few weekends.  So much beauty!