We've got Spring Fever

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! True, we had a blizzard warning last week, but signs are everywhere that old man winter is stepping aside. Hostas are sending their first shoots up out of the still frozen ground. I saw a baby cardinal on a bird feeder outside my window. The kids at the bus stop are wearing shorts. (That probably shouldn’t be a reliable indication of the season seeing as how some of them will wear shorts all year long.) But still… the promise of warmer weather is coming!

And with the change of season comes plenty of recreational opportunities at the cabin. We still have some availability and would love to host your spring getaway. Here’s what’s happening around the area:

Chateau St. Croix Winery is hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Wine Tasting the weekend of March 17th & 18th.

Glenna Farms will be offering farm tours and free pancakes with plenty of maple syrup during Maple Fest the first weekend in April.

Got a craving for some smelt? Take your pick from three different smelt fry dinners at the Rod & Gun Club in Balsam Lake or the EMT Smelt Fry (both April 8th) or the American Legion Smelt Fry in Turtle Lake on April 9th.

Cushing is hosting their annual Spring Bash on April 22nd with a lasagna dinner and live auction.

Once May arrives the event calendar will be bursting with fun things to do.

St. Croix Valley’s Fall Sampler is set for May 5th. Local restaurants, breweries, bakeries and more will be offering sips and samples of food and beverages.

Fawn-Doe-Rosa opens for the spring/summer season on May 6th.

Train rides in and out of Osceola start the weekend of Mother’s Day, Saturday, May 13th. My kids still talk about riding the train back and forth, a highlight for a fun family excursion!

In addition to the fun things to do listed above, there are many local art festivals, concerts, garden sales and get-togethers going on in the area. Spring is a great time to visit the lake. The snow is melting, the flowers are budding and the fish are still biting! Let us know if we can help you enjoy a little slice of spring cabin paradise before high season sets in!

Sweet as Syrup!

You know those gorgeous maple trees that turn yellow, orange and red in the fall? They're beautiful in spring and summer too. But they're best in the late winter because that's when they start storing up all of their sugary goodness for syrup season!

If you’re staying at Cabin on Blake or Cabin on Blake “Too” this spring you’ve got to check out the local maple syrup scene. Our area features several maple syrup operations and you can even get in on the action and learn how to tap a tree of your own. There’s nothing like the taste of pure maple syrup. Once you’ve topped your french toast with the real thing or poured some on your pancakes, you won’t settle for the fake stuff any more!

Here in Wisconsin, maple syrup is collected in the spring when it’s still below freezing at night but the temperature consistently rises above freezing during the day. Once the conditions are right, the trees need to be tapped right away. The whole season can last just a few weeks. It used to be you could see buckets hanging from the tapped trees but most big producers have gone high tech and use tubing to get the sap into the cooking pots as quickly as possible.


It can take up to 30 or 40 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of pure maple syrup. So much work but such a sweet reward!

Maple syrup can be used in cooking and as a natural sweetener. We’ve heard of people using it not only on waffles, but also on ice cream, grilling meats, mixing cocktails and baking. Just search the internet and you’ll be amazed at all of the options.

If you’re not convinced to stock up on local syrup yet, be sure to visit Glenna Farms, just up the road in Amery. They’ll host MapleFest during the first weekend in April with free pancakes, a free “sap” to “syrup” farm tour and free prize drawings. More info on their website.

For other maple syrup producers in the area, try one of the Wisconsin syrup producers below:

Roth’s Maple Syrup - Cumberland, WI
Morley’s Maple Syrup - Luck, WI
Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup - Cumberland, WI
Maple Rewards - Cumberland, WI
Simpsons Rocky Ridge - Rice Lake, WI

For more information on maple syrup:
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