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Lovin' the Summer Cabin!

It's almost here! Summer is breathing down our necks. The promise of lazy, sunshine-filled days lies just ahead. In a few short weeks the lake will be buzzing with the sound of pontoons and ski boats. Fish will be biting, birds will be singing, and we'll be in the middle of it all because we absolutely LOVE spending as much time as we can at the cabins during the summer.

Just for fun, we came up with a list of some of our favorite summer things:


On the deck. On the dock. On the boat. Basically, sitting anywhere because that means we're in "relax" mode.

Up North

Being "Up North," the air smells fresher, the trees seem taller, the sky seems bluer.

Making Memories...

with our friends and family. This time we get to spend with our loved ones is precious. Carving out a weekend or a week at the lake is sacred to us.

Milky Way

Some of our guests have told us they never realized the sky held so many stars until they caught a glimpse of the night sky at the cabins!


We have four pairs of eagles that nest on Big Blake Lake. We never get tired of watching them catch their breakfast right from the dock.


Spending time at the cabin to rest and relax recharges and restores us.

Cooking Out

Grill on the deck or patio and eat out in nature's dining room. The view is better than the one from your kitchen at home... we promise!

All the Activities

Boat, kayak, swim, fish, hike, bike... the list goes on and on. The kids can't be bored, we're not buying it, not at the lake with so many things to do.


Our treat after a fun-filled day on the water.

Ice Cream

We drive into town to BLICS for a Blixer or Banana Split. Or make our own with one of those handy dandy ice cream ball contraptions. Keeps the kids busy AND we all get a treat.


Breathe in and out. Let the scent of fresh pine calm the nerves that have been frazzled by the day job. Walk barefoot through the grass. Go jump in the lake. You deserve it!



Babymoons... one last getaway to the lake

If you haven't had a baby, been pregnant, or known someone who has in the past several years, you might not have heard of a babymoon. It's a time for expectant couples to get away, relax, and spend quality time together before their beautiful, crying, needy bundle of joy arrives. A babymoon can be as elaborate or simple as a honeymoon. Some couples go all out, fly to international locations, sunbathe on a tropical beach, or get that last stamp on their passport for the foreseeable future. Others might take time off work, silence the cell phone, pull the shades and hunker down for one last staycation at home.

But flying while pregnant can be tricky. And who wants to risk Zika virus or subject themselves to potential lost luggage, travel delays or sand in their maternity swimsuit? Some cruise lines won't even let expectant mamas on the ship, depending on how far along they are in their pregnancy. Staying home can be relaxing, but the piles of onesies still need to be washed, the crib still hasn't been assembled and a soothing bath would be nice, if only that belly wasn't in the way when mom-to-be tries to bend over and scrub out the bottom of the tub.

Here at Up North Cabin Rentals, we have the perfect space for a babymoon in either one of our cabins. Expectant couples can get away from home without having to go far from home. We've had several couples take advantage of our cabins for their last relaxing hurrah and the positive feedback we've received made us want to spread the word!

If you book a winter weekend you can sit inside and sip cocoa while you watch the snow fall, snuggle under the covers with your sweetie, and even get a little snowshoeing in on the lake. The summer months provide sunsets on the deck, gentle tours of the lake via paddleboat or a pontoon, and fishing from the end of the dock if that's your thing. Spring and fall are some of the most peaceful times on the lake. The trees are either blazing with color or budding with new growth. The wildlife is either busy preparing for winter or waking up to a new season in spring. If peace, quiet, and rest are on at the top of your babymoon must haves, you can't do better than a lakeside cabin stay.

We've had babies. We know about the joy, love and miraculous blessing that adding a new life to your family can bring. But we also know about the sleepless nights, ear-piercing screeches and blowout diapers. So if your family is about to expand, keep us in mind for one last week or weekend of relaxation. And if you're looking for something special to give that expectant couple in your life--something they'll appreciate and look back on fondly in the days, months and years to come--consider a gift certificate to one of our cabins for a babymoon stay.

Mom and Dad will thank you. And remember you when they're washing that sinkful of bottles, rocking that colicky babe or folding their fifth load of onesies.

Spend Time Making Memories.

Cabins on Blake is a place where memories are made! 

Cabins on Blake featured on Travel Wisconsin- "5 Wisconsin cabin rentals close to the Twin Cities"


We are so excited, humbled, and genuinely surprised to find this article on the Travel Wisconsin website, where Cabin on Blake and Cabin on Blake “Too” were featured. The article featured cabins they suggested to visit near the Twin Cities!

What an honor! All we have ever wanted in this mission called the “Cabins on Blake”, is to be able to share this little slice of paradise with others. So that others can find peace, fun, and perhaps quality family time that they are looking for. Hearing from families and guests on a weekly basis about how much they loved their time is the most amazing gift. We feel so blessed to be able to share this.

Thank you, to our guests, our families and everyone that has supported us through this adventure! 
We are blessed beyond words!

- The Pannkuks